Hope you will like it: PART 1. Request: Naruto & Sakura making fun of Kakashi bc they think he’s just a pervert old man, but littLE DO THEY KNOW THAT HE HAS A SERIOUS GF (Kakashi x Reader) thank you!. Naruto thinks he finally knows how to step up his game. Born in Konoha, daughter of a deceased daimyo and a medical nin; living in Kusagakure and working as a sensei in the academy ninja. Obito x Reader x Kakashi (Y/N) loved Obito, he loved Rin, Rin loved … #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad ” I’m dying, this are all so. She and sasuke can control his body but its manly her. --[X] Assume that while Orochimaru himself will fight Kakashi, he'll send clones after you. You smirked at his bluntness, "Oh yea you'll get it. It started as a straightforward mission: catch the kidnappers that plague the town of Kusanagai. I relax and smile, be creative, practical, intelligent, alert, full of energy and immune to everything…. The pink hair ninja, Sakura as she introduced her self as went straight to work on him. If only things were that simple. 94, surpassing our goal of US$ 130,000!. I thought it was gonna be all weird and shit but no it's actually really good and fucking hilarious<<